The purpose of this meeting was to bring together 15-20 representative senior leaders and staff from teacher organizations and academic researchers from around the world to develop a strategic plan to help the academy and teacher organizations to rethink and produce new ways to work together. 

The Manchester meeting was an opportunity to contribute to the development of a specific set of strategies and a long-term plan to advance this work in terms of the following three goals: 

  1. To bring together researchers and teacher organizations to help reconsider and produce new ways to engage global educational changes;
  2. To undertake an environmental scan (through Rich Picture Mapping) of our shared challenges and opportunities; 
  3. To develop a draft roadmap including engagement strategies and key milestone events to facilitate collaborative research activities between the academy and teacher organizations. 

While the timing of this meeting coincided with the pending December 3 release of PISA 2018 and the OECD’s continuing work on Education 2030 – topics that certainly could be engaged in discussions –the primary focus of the meeting was to engage as broad a constituency as possible in developing a longer-term plan for collaboration across a wide range of possibilities. As well as the rich contributions from two invited expert panelists, participant insights would hopefully offer a concrete action plan that will have real impact on your work and that of your organization.

As you will see in the attached agenda, the meeting was to concluded with a commitment to action and prospective sources of support or those interested in advancing specific elements of the plan. 

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