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The following individuals have been involved in supporting the work of the partnership to date and/or have attended one of more events associated with the network. 

Name  Affiliation 
Maria de la Luz Arriaga National Autonomous University of Mexico
Nina Bascia  Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 
Kevin Bates  Queensland Teachers Union 
Karina Bird  New Zealand Education Institute 
Carly Boreland  Centre for Professional Learning 
Kevin Courtney National Education Union
J-C Couture  University of Alberta, Manchester Metropolitan University 
Miguel Duhalde  Teachers’ Union of Argentina
David Duffy  Teachers’ Union of Ireland 
Denis Fitzgerald  New South Wales Teachers’ Federation 
Andrée Gacoin  British Columbia Teachers’ Federation 
Roar Grøttvik Union of Education Norway
Cassie Hallet  Canadian Teachers’ Federation 
Eric Heins  Emeritus California Teachers Association 
Anna Hogan  University of Queensland 
Rose Hipkins New Zealand Council for Education Research 
Martin Henry Education International 
Jón Torfi Jónasson University of Iceland 
Annie Kidder  People for Education 
Larry Kuehn  Emeritus BCTF
John MacGabhann Teachers’ Union of Ireland  
Paul Martin  NSW Education Standards Authority 
Maurie Mulheron  NSW Teachers Federation 
Stephen Murgatroyd  Collaborative Media Group
Anthony Newland  New Zealand Post Primary Teachers’ Association
Yvonne Oldfield  New Zealand Post Primary Teachers Association
Karen Pashby  Manchester Metropolitan University 
Stacey Pelika National Education Association 
Adrian Prandle National Education Union 
Susan Robertson  Cambridge University 
Pasi Sahlberg Gonski Institute 
Jaakko Salo  Trade Union of Education Finland 
Edda Sant  Manchester Metropolitan University
Sam Sellar  Manchester Metropolitan University
Michael Stevenson  OECD 
Lynda Stuart  New Zealand Education Institute
Howard Stevenson  University of Nottingham 
Jean Stiles  Edmonton Public Schools 
Greg Thompson  Queensland University of Technology 
Toni Verger  University of Amsterdam
Joel Westheimer  University of Ottawa 
Rachel Wilson  University of Sydney 
Terry Wrigley  Northumbria University

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