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The partnership represents an effort by a group of scholars and teacher organization officials who are committed to finding ways to rethink the meaning of collaboration when it comes to educational research.

The goal of this international network is to produce new ways to work together through strategic foresight – not to replace or duplicate current research efforts but to allow researchers and leaders to cross organizational and geographic boundaries to build capacity for their respective organizations and institutions.

The partnership remains an open collaborative network that will meet on an ongoing basis to sustain the network. To reduce costs and in the interests of inclusivity, these gatherings will include meetings convened prior to existing conferences focussed on key research initiatives, as well as informal networking sessions aimed at reaching out to prospective Partnership participants.

For further information, contact one of the members of the Education Futures Partnership Working Group.

J-C Couture    [email protected]

Sam Sellar [email protected]

Roar Grøttvik  [email protected] 

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