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Session 1
Tuesday, July 6th,
0930 – 1200 EST

Leading change in the digitization of assessment and school performance

Session Presenters:  Professor David Rutoskwi  (University of Indiana at Bloomington) and Professor Sam Sellar (Manchester Metropolitan)

Respondents: Ian Pettigrew (Ontario Teachers’ Federation), Anne Looney (Dublin City University), Joel Westheimer (University of Ottawa)

This session will examine possible futures produced by the intersection of New Public Management (NPM) and the emergences of analytics, artificial intelligence and the digitization of assessment. While there is the potential for contributing to the precarity of the profession and the reshaping of teacher’s confidence and sense of identity, what are preferred futures where the profession takes a leadership role? 

What are the challenges and opportunities for the teaching profession (individually and collectively) to lead change in assessment.

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Session 2
Wednesday, July 7
0930 – 1200 EST

Imperatives for Preferred Futures - Beyond "Learning Loss"

Session Presenters: Professor Pasi Sahlberg (University of  New South Wales) and  Professor Dennis Shirley (Boston College)   

Respondents: Jean Stiles (Edmonton Public Schools), David Cameron (Toronto Public School Board) Annie Kidder (People for Education).

What can we learn from crossing boundaries to see educational change not as something waiting out-there to be discovered in some distant future, but perhaps currently hidden in plain sight? How might the profession engage in these conversations in the context of the pandemic? What are promises of the present moment and the risks of the future as we consider social justice, performativity, and the preferred futures for children and youth?

At the school and district level, how could “build back better” be more than a catchphrase for schools and school districts?

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Session 3
Thursday, July 8
0930 – 1200 EST

Re-organizing for Reimagined Futures

Session Presenters: Professor Nina Bascia (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) and Howard Stephenson (University of Nottingham) 

Respondents: Roar Grottvik (Union of Education, Norway), Karen Pashby (Manchester Metropolitan University), Rebecca Luce-Kapler (Queen’s University)

While historically success in teaching is seen predominantly as a product of individual competence and commitment, the power of collective action is widely recognized but under-utilized by the profession and its organizations. There remains untapped potential for reimagining both why and how teachers collaborate and organize themselves. How might the profession and its organizations, reimagine and reconstruct possibilities for leading educational development through the power of school and community networks, social movements and international research partnerships?

 How might the profession (individually and collectively) lead the changes in education we now need to see?

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